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Don’t just take our word for it -

 here’s what our clients have to say.


Viv, Doug and Dani Giles - Newdegate

We have been so incredibly happy with the idf that we purchased off you  last year. We have already had our first drop of lambs from your rams  and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and temperament on these lambs.

The lambs came out so small and were up and ready to go in no time at all.  Although after the first week what were tiny little lambs became big  meat packs on legs. We didn’t have to pull a single lamb which is great  when you are lambing down over 4000 ewes in your entire program.

At marking time we had the added surprise of the idf mob lambing  percentage being 128% without any special treatment or preg testing.

We have just turned off our first lot of idf lambs 3 weeks earlier then we usually start selling our cross bred lamb.

All the comments we received from our local landmark and buyer of the lambs were all incredibly positive. They both loved the style of lambs we got from the idf and asked us if we knew where they could get more. At 5  months of age we had lamb carcases up to 26kgs.

Text Box: The Ile de France Advantage MORE LIVE LAMBS WITH GROWTH & SHAPE
Stuart Donetta - Donny Brook

I am very pleased with our Ile de France ram, he is very quiet and very  easy to handle. He’s a bloody good ram and has produced very solid,  lovely looking lambs that have more shape and are squarer than the other lambs I have got from my other [terminal] rams.  I am taking advantage of the fertility of the Ile de France and have kept the f1 ewes to breed from.  I am looking forward to purchasing more  rams from Jerolyn this year.

Easy Lambing Sheep With Shape!

Brett Lupton - Beverley

I used only 1% mating ratio and got higher weaning percentage than the other [terminal breed] x lambs.

I have now sold all my other (terminal breed) rams & will only use Ile de France rams from now on. 

My Ile de France x lambs tick all the boxes a small birth weights yet big bricks within a week, great shape and they  are just such a vigorous growing animals, my father and I are just  stoked with how fast they grow and the quality of their carcase

They are ideal for the sucker market.

I will be buying a few more rams from Jerolyn at the Darkan auction this year






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