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Suffolk Breed History - The SUFFOLK STORY

The Suffolk Breed was first developed in England in the early nineteenth century, by crossing Southdown with the hardy Norfolk horned sheep. Both Breeds used to develop the Suffolk were noted for their Quality meat, the Southdown for its compactness and confirmation, and the Norfolk Horn for its Sweet Flavour. in the Suffolk, the two superb qualities were combined.

In 1859, the Breed was fixed to type, given the name Suffolk, and firmly established in many parts of England.
The first flock of Suffolk sheep known to be imported into Australia from England, was in 1904, by Mr F.E. Thorneman, of Yarra Junction, Victoria. No 1. registration was held by “Victoria Stud”, of the Department of Agriculture Research Farm at Werribee Victoria, established in 1914.

From this beginning the breed has expanded to being one of today’s leading Prime Lamb Sires.




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