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Jerolyn is a family farm run by Rob and Dani Hewton. 

We are located in Moodiarrup, in the heart of the Great Southern Region of Western Australia

Our Aim is to breed quality rams that meet your requirements for excellent prime lambs.

Regular weight measurements, fat and muscle scan data, ebvs and visual judgements are used to select sheep that are well balanced, with optimum growth rate, well muscled, high fertility and  good constitution.

Careful selection of elite sires maximizes our genetic gain in both studs

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5 week old ram lambs

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      • Identification
      • Terrific carcase
      • Rapid growth rate
      • Hardy & adaptable
      • Easy care - bare breech
      • Renown flavour 



Terminal & Maternal

      • Easy lambing
      • Terrific carcase
      • Extremely Fertile
      • Rapid growth rate
      • Easy care - bare breech
      • High survival rate

We  invite you to come and see our Suffolk and Ile de France studs. We will have Suffolk flock rams for sale as of September and our new exciting  Ile de France stud will have flock rams available by September 2011. Suffolk and Ile de France embryos and semen available upon request,  please call or email

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Rob & Dani Hewton       0428631059     +61 8 98631059

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